Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIY Monogrammed Wreath

Hey ya'll! You may remember this monogrammed grapevine wreath from my Instagram post last Spring. Since then I've been asked several times to do a tutorial on how it was made. Well, I just finished getting it ready for Fall, and I was able to snap a few pictures in the process so thought now would be the perfect time to explain how I made this timeless and personalized wreath!

I ordered the 10 inch Wooden Monogram from League of Letters on Etsy. It arrives as a plain, unfinished wood piece so you have the option to paint it or stain it any color you'd like. I chose white because I knew it would be versatile and stand out against our black front door. I chose to use both my initial and my husband's initial for the monogram. According to proper monogram etiquette- the wife's initial comes first in the monogram, followed by the couple's last initial, and then the husband's initial. The grapevine wreath can be found at just about any craft store. I know that Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores all carry them year round.


The time and money saving secret to using the same wreath for every season is... to use TWIST TIES! I used to go hot glue crazy on everything when I first started making wreaths, and I didn't like that fact that I couldn't change anything on it once it was made. So I got creative and realized that twist ties were the answer! Both the burlap bow and the monogram are twist tied to the wreath. The floral accents, which can also be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores year round, don't require twist ties to stay on the wreath. I just weave the floral pieces through the vines, and I haven't had a problem with them falling off so far. Of course the twist ties could be used to fasten these on as well if you'd like! I bought a roll of burlap and tied the bow myself, but most craft stores sell ready made burlap bows so that's always an option too!

Happy crafting,


The Infamous OUCH Story!

Happy Saturday ya'll! I cannot believe that we have already been back to school for a whole month now! Time has flown since my last post in July. My schedule has been pretty hectic, but I've finally found the time to share a narrative writing unit that I absolutely adore! This post is all about the infamous 'OUCH' story!

I purchased this amazing Common Core Aligned Personal Narrative Writing Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers from Crystal's Classroom! I am including a few FREEBIES that I made myself, and I will be sharing some ideas for you to use that go along with this unit! I would have to agree that writing is not the most exciting subject to teach, but it's one of those things that can only be as fun as you make it!

 I introduced this writing unit first by reviewing the components of narrative writing. I displayed these fabulous and FREE Narrative Writing Posters in my classroom. We also talked about sequential order and how to use the words: First, Next, Then, and Last in our writing. Once you have activated your student's prior knowledge about writing narratives it's time to tell them your own personal 'OUCH' story! The more detailed and dramatic- the better! I chose to tell my kids about a time that I got hurt when I was a second grader myself. With this being our very first narrative writing piece of the year I am still honing in on making meaningful connections and establishing relationships with my students. I'm always looking for ways to connect with and relate to my kiddos, so I didn't mind rummaging around the house to find some artifacts to go along with my story. They absolutely loved the fact that I included photographic evidence that I was indeed once a 7 year old too, and if that wasn't enough to get their attention they were definitely hooked after I showed them my trophy that I mentioned in the story.

Here's another source of excitement that I found will get little writers motivated... Band-Aids! Giving each student 2 to 3 Band-Aids to decorate their final draft is such a fun and easy way to add a finishing touch to those final drafts before they're hallway display ready! I absolutely loved all of the resources this writing unit included, from brainstorming maps to final drafts it's all there! You just have to print, copy, and go! I created my own self edit/partner edit checklist and a narrative writing assessment rubric. This unit includes both of these things, but  I chose to make something that worked better for my own classroom needs. You can find both of these FREE DOWNLOADS below!

Common Core Aligned Second Grade Narrative Writing Rubric

Self Check & Partner Check Editing Checklist

Happy teaching,